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Program Description

The Employee Value Program (EVP) provides wireless discounts and other retail discounts to employees. Our EVP team is staffed with dedicated and knowledgeable mobility experts who provide a superior level of customer service and support much like a concierge experience.

The Employee Value Program will allow your employees to complete the following transactions:

  • Order new wireless equipment or service with your company employee wireless discount for all the major carriers with one centralized website.
  • Upgrade existing device and verify upgrade eligibility date
  • Add your company employee discount to existing service
  • Receive technical assistance and support on EVP purchased device
  • Purchase discounted accessories
  • Make rate plan or feature changes
  • Assistance for Number Porting from one carrier to another

We work with our client corporate contacts, Human Resource and Benefits coordinators to distribute EVP’s information to their employee base. EVP works with all major wireless carriers to offer the best solution for your employee’s needs. And better yet, there is no cost to your company to participate in this program.

Employee Value Program will oversee the entire program so that your company has easy and limited requirements in facilitating this program and supporting your employees. With numerous device changes, equipment upgrades, and new service offerings made available to your employees each month by the wireless carriers, this program offers an enhanced end user experience and significant discounts to all your employees. It also offers a simplistic way for employees to order devices and equipment easily from their home or office without ever having to visit a retail store. Orders placed through EVP are ordered correctly with your company discounts and specials.

Program Description