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What is the Employee Value Program (EVP) and who manages it?

The Employee Value Program is a centralized resource for employees to receive discounts on wireless devices and services, accessories and support for all aspects of personally paid wireless services. EVP manages carrier business agreements with thousands of corporations and government agencies to offer wireless products and services at a significant discount when purchased online or over the phone. EVP is owned and operated by wireless carrier veterans who have been in the industry for over 25 years and bring a team of dedicated individuals to help you navigate the challenges without the need to leave your home or office.

What is the main value of EVP to me as an employee?

The Employee Value Program serves as a central resource for you to obtain discounts on wireless devices, accessories and services in a convenient manner, either online or over the phone, eliminating the need to travel to a retail store. Our EVP staff is able to offer the same discounts for services that the carrier reps offer. However, EVP offers a personal shopping experience and other valuable resources such as access to discounts on retail services such as restaurants, entertainment and travel, and a Buy Back Program to convert your old smartphones or tablets to cash.

If I am already an EVP member, why do I need to create an account if I have shopped with EVP before?

This is a brand new EVP website so all first time visitors must register and create an account so that we will have you in our NEW system. Please create an account with your work issued email address so that we may verify your carrier discounts when ordering devices and services. The new site offers more carriers, more savings and more discounts for you and your family members!

How do I become a member of EVP? Is there a cost to join or a charge for consultation?

There is no membership fee associated with interfacing with the EVP team for all your personally paid wireless devices and services for you and your eligible family members. EVP is an employee value added convenience and there is never a charge for a personal consultation with our experienced staff. If your company has launched the Employee Value Program, to become an EVP member and start receiving information on carrier promotions, discounts, helpful wireless tips and more, simply go to and register for a free account to get started.

How do I know if EVP can get me my company’s employee discount?

The EVP team is able to assist you in obtaining your company’s employee discount provided your organization has set up an employee discount with the carriers. The line of service for discount must be in the employee’s name to receive the discount and there is a verification of employment required by the carriers.Your carrier may also require further verification of employment after 24 months, please call us anytime to help with this process.

Why does EVP need to verify my employment?

Discounts for service are based on the company employee discount structures set up by the carriers. The simplest way to verify employment is by providing us a company/work issued email address. If you do not have a company/work issued email address, please send an email to: and we will provide instructions.

I already have service and want to purchase a new phone, how do I know if I am eligible for an upgrade?

Most carriers allow clients to upgrade after 20 – 24 months since your last phone purchase. Just call or email or chat online with us, and we will be glad to check for you.

What other types of discounts can the Employee Value Program provide me?

EVP also provides an updated Wireless Accessory Store with thousands of brand name wireless accessories to choose from that are at significant discounts as compared to retail pricing. Our EVP Marketplace also provides retail discounts on a wide variety of services including discounts on restaurants, entertainment, travel and more!

What is the difference in the newsletter from EVP versus the one I receive from the carrier? Am I able to obtain the same devices and services as I can through our company’s wireless carrier representative?

The EVP team offers a personal shopping experience that eliminates the need to travel to a retail store and can offer the same deals and discounts on devices as the carriers. EVP also offers the ability to shop for a variety of services (where families have multiple carrier scenarios) with one phone call.

Can my family members participate in these discounts too?

Absolutely! All your family members are able to participate provided their mobile number is billed on your current wireless carrier invoice under your name (if you are the employee receiving the employee company discount). Call us and we will be happy to assist.