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Benefits for Employers

Key program for benefits for employers:

  • Centralized wireless program for companies and their employees’ wireless devices and services
  • No cost to participate
  • Customized “One Stop” shopping experience for the major wireless carriers.
  • Centralized service after the sale with multiple support options at no cost
  • High touch and enhanced end user support and procurement experience
  • Employees reach us by calling, email, web, or live chat sessions
  • Experienced wireless staff providing professional program management
  • Enterprise employee discounts for phones, accessories and wireless services
  • Centralized equipment upgrade support and information
  • Verify equipment upgrade eligibility
  • Communication of new products and services
  • Structured and Customized Communication to employees on an opt-in basis
  • Custom Web Portals and Link to/from Company Intranet
  • Activity Reporting online with Company visibility to participation levels
  • Custom Website and Toll Free Number for end users to reach us
  • Post sale support – EVP newsletters, emails, and updates on latest accessories, devices, wireless news and more.
  • Employees can call EVP for questions and troubleshooting for their devices
  • Guide your employees through the process to “add the company discount”
Benefits for Employers