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Our mission is to help create happy, engaged and productive employees by equipping them with affordable mobile devices and services that connect their personal and professional lives.

  • We give employees the same buying power as their employers with our strategic wireless carrier relationships helping to extend corporate discounts to employees’ personal wireless accounts
  • Our customers can select from the latest Smartphones and tablets during a personal concierge shopping experience
  • Deep discounts on accessories and the ability to sell old devices for top dollar complete the EVP experience
  • We can support entire Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) programs including Mobile Device Management (MDM)

We bring unmatched customer service and mobility domain expertise to the wireless shopping experience and eliminate the hassles of buying Smartphones, services and accessories from traditional brick and mortar retail stores.

evp Facts

2500+ Participating Employers

Tens of Thousands of Participating Employees

Over $1,000,000 per Month in Wireless Savings

About Us